8 Tiny Self-Care Habits To Enjoy The Present Moment

Hey friends! 

So today, I want to show you 8 easy habits to take care of yourself. These tiny self-care habits will nourish your mind, body, and soul. 

So life could be a little or very busy and we forget to slow down. So when I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed, I like to do these little things. I know that even if, during these periods, I think it’s like wasting my time, I need these self-care moments to put me back on track. 

It helps to feel better and to avoid stress.

In the book ‘The Mountain Is You”, the author Brianna Wiest explains that self-care is all about knowing what we need. She said:” Actual self-care is the fundamental aspect of meeting your own needs. Aside from your own basic security, your needs are to be nourished, to sleep well, to live in a clean environment, to dress appropriately, and to allow yourself to feel what you feel without judgment or suppression”.

And it’s what we’ll do today. 

And let’s treat ourselves! 

8 self-care habits for being in the present moment

Taking Care of My Plants 

One of the first things that come to my mind is to take care of my plants. First of all, when I water and take care of my plants, I think about nothing for like 30 minutes. It’s like practicing meditation. And seeing them growing, having new leaves, it’s a kind of accomplishment. You don’t know how I’m feeling happy when I see a new leaf! 

Reading a Fictional Book

In the world of self-help and everything else, fictional books don’t have a great reputation. But here, we’re without judgment, and I love rom-coms! I can read them for hours. And thanks to Caitlin from the Youtube Channel Caitlin’s Corner, I started to read these kinds of books again. I was like, fictional books are a waste of time but when you find a great book, it’s such a great feeling. Now I’m not ashamed anymore about that. I try to read 2 books a month, one fictional book and another non-fictional one. 

My favorite moment of the day is when I turn off my phone and I read just before going to sleep. Sometimes, I read for 2h without realizing it. 

Turning Off my Phone and My Notification 

Sometimes, I spend hours on my phone, scrolling mindlessly. When I’m bored, when I’m watching something on TV or when I’m waiting for someone or something, I’m always on my phone. It’s a habit I want to reduce this year. And sometimes, you need to turn off your phone or even your notifications. 

When you’re on social, you compare yourself with others. You’re like, oh this one is doing this and I’m on my couch doing nothing or she’s at the gym and I’m binge-watching something on Netflix. 

But you don’t compare yourself when you’re doing your thing without scrolling. You’re in your world and it’s just fine. 

Baking and Cooking 

Since we’re in this new apartment, I like to cook and bake. I’m doing a ton of new things and I love that. It’s like taking care of my plants or reading, I’m thinking about nothing else. I like to do something every week. And it’s so much better to do it at home. You know what you put in your recipes and it’s nourishing.


Being With My Cats 

My cats learned me to live in the present moment. I always think that they’re not immortal and they won’t be with us for eternity so I like to enjoy their presence. It’s so easy to be really busy and not take care of your pet, you’re doing the bare minimum for them, but you don’t spend time with them and when it’s too late, you regret it. 

So I like to cuddle them for at least 10 or 20 minutes daily. I realized during this time that life is about being surrounded by your pets and the people you love.

If you don’t understand, this video is about the present moment.


Make Myself a Tea and Enjoy The Sun

It’s something I really enjoy doing in this apartment because there’s so much light. When it’s Sunday and it’s shiny, it’s so great. We’re just like this with my boyfriend, enjoying the sun. When it is warmer, we’ll enjoy the balcony. 

So during this time, I like to make myself a tea and sometimes read a book. 

Light has such a power on the mood. So when it’s possible, just take 5 minutes to sit and enjoy the sun.


Take a bath 

This is the first time during my adult life that I have had a bath. I like to resist taking a bath every single week, but once a month, I like to take a bath. After a long day at work when I can’t be up anymore or on a Sunday evening before a new week, it’s so powerful to reduce stress. 

Well, sometimes my cats disturb me a little bit because they want to taste the temperature or even the water. 

I like to light up my fake candles and one or two real ones and think about nothing.


Organizing My Home

To take care of myself is also to take care of my home. I feel so much peace when my home is clean and everything has a place and is in order. 

I always start by simplifying, seeing if I don’t have anything to declutter. I’m not really consistent about this but I like to take 10 minutes every night to clean the apartment. I don’t put an alarm or whatever but I like to clean the dishes and tidy the little things we use daily. It’s like closing the shop. 

Even if it’s 5 minutes, it gives you a feeling of accomplishment and calms you down. 

Tell me in the comments what are your self-care habits. 

I’ll see you in the next one.