10 Things I Will Not Buy In 2023 | Save Money

Okay, so 2022 was a little bit hard for my finances. Not particularly because of the inflation or things like that but because we bought our apartment, we needed to buy furniture, to pay for work stuff and all. And we went on holiday too. We didn’t think that it would cost us so much and we were careful when we were there! 

So to save money and continue into our minimalism journey, here are the things I won’t buy in 2023.  

Things I won’t buy in 2023


I didn’t buy a lot of plants last year and the most recent ones were offered for our move. One of them was almost dead so we had two instead of one. But I have hope. It will be my challenge for this year. 

I also made a propagation and it went pretty well. So no needs to have more plants. If I want more, I will do propagation! 


It’s the same as plants, I bought one or 2 candles last year for our apartment and we had some candles as gifts too. And I absolutely love them but I don’t burn them every single day so I want to finish them before buying others. When I’m lighting them, it’s because I’m reading in my living room or I’m watching TV. I don’t like to burn them just for burning them. 

So in 2023, no needs to have more candles! 

Expensive holidays 

Our last holidays were really really expensive. It was beautiful and dreamy but we didn’t plan to spend so much money. The flight was pretty cheap but the hotels or AirBnb were crazy expensive. The restaurant and every else were too much. And this time it was because of inflation! 

So this year, we will stay in Europe and we will have a budget for our holidays and I don’t want to go beyond this budget. 

I already have something in mind and I hope it will be okay! 

Kitchen stuff and stencils

With our new and big kitchen, we invested last year in new stencils and robots and stuff. And now, we have enough to cook properly, to store and everything else. We will use what we already have and it will help us to be more creative with what we want to eat! 

I don’t want to fall into the trap of social media and stuff “you need” to buy because it’s cute or because it will change your life and how you cook. 

Beauty products 

I have a ton of cream or food supplements with my job. And to be honest, I don’t use a lot of make-up so I have more than enough. I have at least a year’s worth of moisturizer, face wash and face cream

And as kitchen stencils, I don’t want to fall into the trap of Instagram and having the last trendy product to have better hair or whatever I don’t need and that doesn’t match my skin type. 

The only things I will buy will be to replace a product like my eyeliner or my mascara. It will be one in, one out. 

Brand new clothes 

Last year, I was pretty wise with brand-new clothes. When I talk about that, it’s all the clothes that are not second-hand. So I bought second-hand clothes last year, especially for my holidays and to replace jeans that were worn out. 

And I want to continue like that in 2023. I know I will need to buy workout clothes because I go to the gym every day and I don’t have enough clothes for that. 

New technologies 

I bought a new computer last year, it cost me a lot but it’s a game-changer for my videos and I’m so glad I bought it. I have a pretty great camera, a phone that works so I don’t need other things. 

I wanted to change my phone to upgrade, but honestly, I will think about it twice. I really want to go all the way with this phone. It works, the photos and videos are okay and I have my small camera for that. So I don’t really need it. 

Junk food

Since December, I’ve been pretty consistent about my workouts, and I finally start to find this balance of eating healthy and sometimes having some little pleasure. But I don’t want to eat junk foods like ready-to-eat frozen meals or even really greasy fast food. I’m ok going to a restaurant and ordering a burger because I know it will be well prepared (we’re in France, so we have high standards with food). But I don’t want this quick thing that will damage my body and what I work so hard for. 

Journal, stationery

Like new technologies, I have everything I want for this new year. I have a planner, and my moleskin notebook and I realized that I use way more often my digital planner and my notion more than paper. I really use paper want I need to take notes. 

I know it’s difficult to resist when you have Instagram because you have ads for planners every single time you connect to your account. But I will be strong and I will remind myself that I don’t need them. 

Bag or purse 

I’m the one-purse kind of girl. I have 3 to 4 purses but I don’t change every single day. I like to have a bag per season or even per year. And the last one was a gift from my boyfriend for my birthday and it’s perfect with everything. So I think I will use it every single day for a year! 

Alright guys, I hope it will help you to find some ideas too. 

Tell me in the comments below if you want to cut off some spending for 2023. 

I see you, friends,