THE Morning Routine for a Productive Day

For most of us, waking up in the morning means a new day of work that you hate, tiredness and maybe depression. When the alarm rings, our world is falling apart. Your bed has become your best friend. Having to get out of your blanket seems insurmountable. You are living for the weekend. 

Today it’s time to change that! It’s time to be happy when getting up of your bed and have a productive day. It’s time to create your own morning routine!

Wake up early! 

This is the best advise that I can give you. I know, it’s not extraordinary but it can completely change your life. Getting up early allows you to be more productive and realize your dreams. 

The Morning Routine for a Productive Day

During my studies, I tried the Miracle Morning. It was really great for a month but I stopped it because the SAVERS didn’t match with what I wanted. I thought that I had to wake up 2 hours before my usual alarm to have all the benefits. I need more time for each and every activities but I wasn’t quite ready to wake up at 5 a.m. 

I’ve always wanted to start new projects but I never had the time. I was too tired in the evenings and I had no motivation to wake up earlier in the morning. In short, I didn’t want to change.

After a few years, it couldn’t last anymore. I decided to change my life and had finally enough motivation to wake up one hour earlier every day. Since I had no motivation or energy to do anything in the evening, the only way to start new projects was to work on it before going to work. One hour is not a lot but you can create your own Miracle Morning by following these simple steps. 


Have something to work on 

Let’s be honest. Waking up early is unbearable if we have nothing planned for the morning. With your new night routine, you will have a to-do list and a few things to do in the morning. If you don’t, start setting goals to have some.

When I do my to-do list the day prior, I always plan to do something in the morning. Nothing complicated but something that will make me feel proud, that will get my projects moving. 

For example, I use my early hour to write article when it’s absolutely quiet and peaceful. 

Having items to check on your to-do list will make you feel more accomplished and will give you more energy for the day to come.


Complete your to-do list 

You may have some ideas during the night, or you may remember that you have something to do. Don’t hesitate to complete your to-do list with all the tasks that you have to do. 

When I do this, it always gives me the motivation needed to do something when I go home. 

I usually have 2 to-do lists : one for the week and one for the day. I move the tasks that I have for the week for a day in particular. With this method, I don’t forget a task and I don’t get overwhelmed. 

The Morning Routine for a Productive Day

Spend some time stretching or working out

My initial plan was to workout in the evening after work. But it was the same thing, I had no motivation or energy to workout. So I decided to incorporate working out in my morning routine. Nowadays I check some tasks off my to-do list and then do some exercises indoor or go running. It’s never easy to workout every day but you should be able to at least take ten minutes to stretch. And no excuses ; there are plenty of videos on YouTube showing you how to do it. 

You will feel better in your body and it will energize you for the day. 


Have a peaceful moment for you 

You know that your day will be noisy. Your brain will be in ON mode, without any break. So, enjoy your peace in the morning with ten minutes of silence. The best way of doing this is to meditate. Enjoy the silence, listen to some meditative music on Spotify or with an application like Headspace. 

You can meditate in the morning to start your day appeased or at night to calm down when you get back home. Or you can do both and meditate twice a day! 

Personally, meditating isn’t a habit of mine. I tend to do it in response when I’m angry or depressed. Everytime I did it, I felt more calm and I could look at my life with new lights. 


If you do all these things in the morning, you will start your work day motivated, you will be more productive and you will feel more accomplished! 

Do you have your own productive morning routine? What do you do differently? 

The Morning Routine for a Productive Day