The Evening Routine to end your day well

I think that we all could say that we’ve had hard days. Days during which you only thought about going home. You maybe had conflicts or problems to solve. In short, you want one thing : watching Netflix! 

After these kind of days, I try to not watching Netflix right away but doing my evening routine to end my day on a nicer note even though the day was horrible . 

Take quiet time for yourself 

If you’re like me, you might be working in an open space with a lot of noise. You’re disturbed every 5 minutes. When you go home, you have headache and every noise is unbearable for you. 

The first thing I do when I go home (after cuddling my cat) is to take quiet time. It could be meditating or just sitting down and cuddling with my cat. It helps me reduce my tension and feel more peaceful. It’s essential for me to do this for a good evening.

Summarize your day (whether it’s in writing or speaking with your significant other) 

It’s important to summarize your day for moving on. Not doing it will make you think about it all night and be exhausted the next morning. 

You can summarize your day by writing on your notebook or talk about it with your loved one (it’s working with your pet too!)

If you decide to write, here is what you have to write : 

  • What are the three things that you enjoyed during your day? 
  • Were there any conflicts or problems during your day? What did you do to solve them? 
  • What could you do to have a better day tomorrow? 

Personally, I decided to write it on my notebook. It helps me calm down and be more optimistic for the next day. 

Check your to-do list 

Every Sunday, I prepare a to-do list for the week to come. Then I distribute each task for each day of the week. It helps me to not be overwhelmed at the beginning or the end of the week. 

In the morning routine post, I told you that I complete my to-do list in the morning when something comes to my mind. 

I try to have tasks that will only last 1 or 2 hours per evening. The rest of the time is to do my routine or to take time for myself. Most of the time, my to-do list revolve around my blog or my next holidays. My organization depends on what I need to do when I go home. Sometimes, I really need to take time for myself before starting anything else. So I watch a serie and I eat before checking my to-do list. Sometimes I prefer the reverse to be “free” after the dinner. 

The Evening Routine to end your day well

Take time with your family 

What a better thing to end the day well than to take time with your family, your boyfriend or a friend. If it’s not possible, take your phone and call your parents or your best friend. It will give you energy to have a great evening. But don’t call your best friend for 3 hours straight or you will have no more time for the rest of your day! 

Prepare your next day 

When I had a very bad day, preparing my next day really helps me moving on. Tomorrow is another day! You might as well try to make it a better one. 

Here is what I prepare for the next day : 

  • My clothes 
  • My breakfast
  • My workout clothes if I plan to do workout
  • I plan what I will check on my to-do list during my morning routine

Preparing your next day will help you to stay organized and to not be overwhelmed the next morning. You will feel more peaceful and you will start your day in better conditions. 

The Evening Routine to end your day well

Read a good book 

The day will not end great if you close your evening without reading a great book! It can be a book about personal development or a novel. It’s the best way to feel calm and ready to go to sleep. Try to not have your phone next to you and enjoy this moment. 

Do you have your own happy evening routine? What do you do differently? 

The Evening Routine to end your day well