My 5 Tips to beat the Sunday Blues ONCE AND FOR ALL

Ah, the Sunday blues… Who has never had this little blues on Sunday starting at 5 p.m.? We know that the weekend is over, we don’t want to go to work on Monday and we don’t have any goals for the next week (except to be the next Friday!). At 5 p.m. we don’t want to begin something new and we’re watching Netflix until it’s time to eat. 

If this is something that you suffer all Sundays, maybe you are in a quarter-life crisis. If you don’t know, check my post about the 8 signs that you’re having a quarter-life crisis

If you are in a quarter-life crisis, Sunday might be the worst day of the week for you. You don’t like your job so it’s awful to think about it. You don’t have a plan so you do nothing for your future during the weekend. Instead, you are in front of Netflix with your comfy pajamas.

It happened to me all the time before I decided to do something. So here are my 5 tips to not be depressed and finally feel good on Sunday evening.

Change your mindset 

If you think that Sunday is the end of a super weekend, you’re probably right but it’s also the beginning of a super week! You can begin new projects, you can finally take your life in hand and decide who you want to be. 

Before, I was depressed on Sunday evening because I knew that my weekend was over and I knew that my week would be awful. I knew that I wouldn’t do anything during the week because I had no goal. The evening of every day would be the same: watch a TV show until it’s time for bed and eat something not really green! 

If you want to have a calm week and don’t think about your goals, it’s ok and it’s human but it can’t be for every day all year long. If you are not happy with your life, watching TV is not the solution. 

When you realize that this situation can’t last anymore, it’s time to change your mindset. Try to think positively about the new week, try to tell you that it’s time for new beginnings, new goals, and a new life. The best feeling is to be in a hurry to be the next day!

Plan your next week

To change your mindset, it’s better to have a plan! If you have no goal or no plan, it will be difficult to think positively. 

Maybe you feel bad on Sunday because you don’t know what to do next week. Maybe you don’t have any goal and you just want one thing: be the next weekend. 

I use Trello to plan my weeks and I like to do it every Sunday evening right before sleep or in front of a movie. It helps me to know what I have to do and to split my tasks so that I’m not overwhelmed the first days and have nothing to do on Friday. 

I categorize every task, put a deadline for each one so that I have a reminder on my phone. And what a pleasure to check a task when I finish it! 

I also try to do the hard things early and finish the week with the easy ones. 

My 5 Tips to beat the Sunday Blues ONCE AND FOR ALL

Take care of yourself 

If you don’t take time to take care of yourself on Sunday, when do you take it? So take one hour to take a warm bath (or a steaming-hot shower if you don’t have a bath), do a hair mask, and do your nails. You will feel so good after that you will feel more ready for the new week. 

You also can take care of yourself by doing yoga or meditation (or both). I meditate on Sunday when I think about all the deadlines of the next week and when I start to panic. So I sit on my bed, I put a relaxing playlist on Spotify and I meditate for 15 to 20 minutes. It’s really helpful and after that I feel calm. 

Do something you love

If you really want to watch your TV show all day, watch your TV show all day and don’t feel guilty. Feeling guilty is the worst on Sunday. It’s because you’re feeling guilty that you’re having Sunday blues. 

So think about what you really want to do. Is it to eat a big pizza? Is it to read in your bedroom until eating time? If you really want to do it, do it! 

My 5 Tips to beat the Sunday Blues ONCE AND FOR ALL

Go out 

When I feel really depressed, I go out with my boyfriend to eat something warm and comfy, like ramen. For us, it’s the best remedy to“warm our soul”. When we go home, we have the feeling that we do something during the day and we are happy. We seat on the sofa and we watch TV. 

Enjoy your Sunday evening! 

My 5 Tips to beat the Sunday Blues ONCE AND FOR ALL!