5 Success Habits That You Need To Start Right Now

When it comes to improving your life, in whichever aspect habits are the most important things that you need to change. There is a quote that I absolutely love :

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.

from John C. Maxwell. 

As you certainly know, there are good habits and bad habits. Some bad habits may be smoking, not exercising at all, eating unhealthy, and so on. Good habits are for example drinking a lot of water, doing exercise, and making sure you’re getting enough sleep. 

But here, I don’t want to make a list of all the bad habits that you need to turn into good ones because if you’re like me, this list is really big! In this blog post, I want to give you some advice regarding 5 habits that you need to start right now if you want to have a successful life.

Why you need to adopt these habits? 

On my Instagram account last week, I talked about success. More precisely, what is my definition of success? Actually, this definition had really really changed the past few years and now I realize that I want the opposite of what I wanted when I was younger. 

Before, my career was something that was really important for me. I wanted to have an important job, with a lot of responsibilities in a big company. Now when I’m thinking about responsibilities in a big company, I start to sweat! Ahah! 

I realized that my career was just a part of my life but not the bigger part and I didn’t want to increase my chances to have a heart attack with this kind of job. So I needed to change something in my life. And this something was my habits. 

Whatever is your definition of success, if you want to be more successful in your job, have more money, be healthier or everything at once, you need to adopt these 5 success habits daily. 

Forget about the “SNOOZE” button

The best thing would be to start waking up earlier in the morning, but if you stop snoozing and go out of bed it’s already great. If you do it, it will be your first win of the day. And if you start with a win, your day will be a win! 

If you are already a morning person, try to get up earlier, like 30 minutes before your current alarm. I like to use these 30 extra minutes to take a large glass of water, journaling for 10 minutes, and reading for 20 minutes. After that, my real day begins!

Try creating a routine that you love, that is your own time. Maybe you want to enjoy these 30 minutes by doing sport, or learning a new language, or creating your own business. If you’re really focusing, these 30 minutes will be life-changing! The goal here isn’t to do as many things as possible during these 30 minutes because you will feel overwhelmed before your day even starts and it’s not the point here. The goal is to do something that will be life-changing for you. If your goal is to learn a new skill, dedicate these 30 minutes to this. If you want to be healthier and thinner, dedicate these 30 minutes to working out or preparing a healthier breakfast. 

You will see that you will be addicted to your morning routine!

5 Success habits that you need to start right now

Plan your day 

If you want to incorporate some activities in your day like working out or spending time on your side hustle and so on, you have to plan your day. You can do it in a physical planner or in a digital planner. 

I like to do it on my Google Agenda. To be sure that I will have enough time for what I want to do, I fill out all calendar time slots. Ok, it’s a little bit extreme but it’s not because I do this that I have a really timed life! So I begin to fill out my work timetable, then I fill out my sleep hours, dinner time, and my morning routine. 

Of course, if you want to plan your day and stick to what you need to do, the most powerful habit to have is to make a to-do list. And with this to-do list, you can fill out the empty slots of your calendar. If you want to do a 30 minutes workout, you can put it in your calendar. If you want to read between 9 and 10 pm you can put it in your calendar. 

One of the things that I like to do during my morning routine is to do a “not to-do list”! So I make a list of all the things that I have to “not do” if I want to be productive and reach my goals. Try it!

Integrate a physical activity

Even if you’re lazy (like me), it could be easy to add more physical activities to your day. For example, I realized that I could walk to work. It’s a 40 minutes walk twice a day and it’s perfect to listen to podcasts or audiobooks. 

5 Success habits that you need to start right now

It’s not possible for everybody but you can find another way to do it: take stairs and not elevators, take 30 minutes after work to walk in the park, or try some 10 or 15-minute workout videos on Youtube. 

It won’t take you a lot of time but if you’re not a sporty person, it will be a big win in your day and you will feel more confident. 

Create an evening routine

Your evening routine is as most important as your morning routine. It will help you calm down and sleep better. During this routine, you need to summarize your day. It will help you to move on if you had a bad day, or to celebrate if you had a great day. 

Same as for your morning routine, your evening routine doesn’t have to be long. You can take 30 minutes before going to bed and decide to meditate for 10 minutes and read a book for 20 minutes. The goal here is really to be prepared to go to bed. Your morning routine is here to start your day on the right foot and your evening routine is here to help you sleep better and have more energy, bo more prepared for the next day. 

Most of my evenings, I can’t reach my goal of reading 20 minutes because I fall asleep before! 

5 Success habits that you need to start right now

Keep in mind what you’re after

I don’t know if it’s really a habit but this is something that you have to remember daily. The point here is to know what you want so that you can organize your day around it. If you want to start your business, going out every night is probably not the wisest idea. 

One of the best tools for that is visualization. Take 5 minutes (you can do it when you take your shower) and visualize your ideal life. 

With this visualization, you will be clear on what you really want and what you need to change to achieve this goal. This will help you to start saying no: no to something that doesn’t bring you joy and doesn’t help you achieve your ideal life, no to people who don’t understand what you want, and so on. 

Visualization is a powerful tool and you will see amazing results if you do it every single day. 

I hope this blog post helps you to know which habit you need to adopt to have your successful life. Tell me in the comments below what are your own success habits. 

5 Success habits that you need to start right now