Slow Living – How to Start a Slow Living Lifestyle

I always wanted to live a fast life until now… 

When I was younger, I wanted to have a fancy job, being super busy, and live in Paris. It was my dream… I liked this life because it’s what I saw on TV shows. The characters seemed happy. Then it’s what I saw on social media… Travels, big houses, always busy, always between two planes…

But then I asked myself the right question, and I had to be honest. It’s not what I wanted for my life. So the past year, I made a lot of decisions: I quitted my job in June to another, giving me a lot more time for myself and for what I love to do. This job is not as exciting as the first one, and I won’t have the same salary as my friends in the end, but my freedom is so much more important than that… And I’ve decided to slow my life, to be more present, to enjoy the daily little things, like being with my cat, watching TV with my boyfriend and so on… 


Here I’ve decided to do for this new year to slow down my life and be more present. 


Slowing down and doing less 

When I started my business, I saw all the lady boss, really busy, always working, and thought that I needed to do that to have a profitable business, but I decided that I wouldn’t do this. I will work for sure but not like crazy. 

When I started to become interested in Essentialism, I decided to do less and focus only on things that matter. Okay, sometimes we need to do things that don’t matter or things that we don’t want to do, but now it’s not a massive part of my life. 

So, for example, I stopped doing fancy meals. It’s always healthy, but I don’t spend my day doing meals. 

I prioritize my tasks when it comes to my business, and when I feel that something is not necessary, I simply don’t do it. 

I’ve decided that I don’t want to be “busy” anymore. Actually, you choose to be busy. You decide to have a lot of things to do. And if you want to achieve a lot but you don’t want to sacrifice your life with things that don’t matter, my advice is to read Essentialism from Greg McKeown. 


On the other hand, I want to incorporate meditation a lot more in my daily life. It’s something that I’ve already initiated a lot more in 2020 (because you don’t have to wait for the new year to start something new 😉 ). And I decrease my anxiety and my stress by doing this every day. Meditation is great when you want to slow down and be present. Even if it’s only 10 minutes a day, you will see the benefits right away. You will feel calmer, more productive, and more focused. 


Owning less 

Everyone has a different vision of minimalism. I’m not the kind of girl with nothing, I like to have stuff, and it would be impossible to live in an apartment with only one table and two chairs. I love clothes, I love shoes, and I love plants. But I have this feeling that I can go further with minimalism. And right now, I’m doing the 30-day Minimalism game, and I feel so good to declutter so many things. So during one month, I film all the things that I declutter, and you will see this video at the beginning of February. 

And why owning less is really important for me: we live for now in a small apartment in Paris, and if there is clutter, it’s obvious for us. Because it’s small, the smallest object that doesn’t have a specific place is clutter. So owning less is better as being a master of organization 😉 


Create boundaries

I’m a big supporter of boundaries, but I have to be honest, it’s complicated. 

Some people think that it’s her/him boss that has to set boundaries, but actually, it’s us. Boundaries are what I miss with my former job, but now, when I come back home, I don’t think about my day; it’s over, and tomorrow is another day. 

This year, I want to do the same between my business time and my free time. I think about my business all the time (and it’s normal at first), but I need to rest and thinking about myself. I need to have this free time and self-care time without thinking about many things and feeling guilty because I don’t work on my business. 


I’ve decided to start my slow living journey even if I live in a big city. And I have to be honest; it’s not the best moment. And I’m thinking about moving to another part of the country or even abroad. I want to spend more time in nature, and it’s definitely not possible in Paris. Tell me in the comments below if moving abroad or moving to the countryside is something you already think about. 

How to Start a Slow Living Lifestyle