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So today I wanted to talk about things that have helped me to simplify my life and to adopt a slow living lifestyle. 

This year, I’ve decided to slow down my life and to focus mostly on things that really matter to me. 

And I have to say that a lot of things helped me to do so. For example, in my video about productivity, I talked about my method to achieve more in less time to do what brings me joy. But today it’s not about productivity, it’s more about life in general. 

So let’s go!

Ordering my food online 

So the first thing that helps me a lot is to order my food online. I don’t know if it’s possible in all the countries but in France, it’s possible to order your groceries online and receive your groceries one or two days later, at your choice hour and with fresh products. 

As I said in my video about saving money, there are two reasons why I like to shop my grocery online. The number one is that I save a lot of money because it’s 30% cheaper online compared to the store in Paris. And the second reason is that I really don’t like to shop my grocery in the shop. It’s small, there is no choice and there is a ton of people. In the end, I want to go home fast so I forget what I had on my list! 

With the online shop, I have the time to compare, there is a lot of choices and I have a list of things that I use to take. And the delivery is when I’m available and everything is stored within minutes. 

Meal planning 

The number two goes with the number one and it’s meal planning. It also saves me a lot of money and it helps me to simplify my life. 

Every Sunday, I have ideas about meals for the week and I cook for 2 hours and everything is ready. I tried to order my food for the Saturday to have everything on Sunday. 

We have a small fridge so it’s not possible to do it for the whole week. And I cook everything that I need for my lunch because I eat my lunch at work. 

I tried to keep it simple with recipes we love. 

I have to say that becoming vegan didn’t help me to simplify my life at the beginning but now I don’t see the difficulties. I won’t say that it’s easier without meat because we have been educated to eat meat at every meal so now we have to relearn but it’s not really difficult. There is a ton of vegan options right now. 

Having a capsule wardrobe 

I realize that what helped me to simplify my life also helped me to save a lot of money. So the number 3 is to create a capsule wardrobe. 

I was the kind of girl who spent too much time thinking about what I will wear the next day. Too much time! And I had so many clothes to didn’t fit or weren’t align with my style. So when I hear about the capsule wardrobe I knew that it was something for me. So I created mine and it’s so much easier now. It fits, and I feel comfortable in every piece I have. 

It’s really easy and it will simplify your life and save you a lot of money. 

Turning off my notifications 

Guys, if you want to live a slower and peaceful life, turn off your notifications. It helped me so much!! It’s crazy! 

I first did it when I did my digital detox for a month and I didn’t turn them on after. So it’s been one and half years that I don’t have any social media and email notifications. I just have notifications for whats App but I don’t have a lot of conversations and for my messages. that’s it. Even for my phone call! If I miss a phone call I don’t have a notification on my screensaver! 

When I had my notifications, I checked my phone every time. And I thought it would be the same when I turned them off. Because I thought that I would need to check every application to see if something new happen. But actually, it’s not the case. 

Turn off my notification helped me to have dedicated time to my phone and to stop scrolling and checking for no reason. 

Knowing exactly what I want and going in this direction with my decisions

I have a question for you. How do you feel when you have to make a decision and you don’t know what direction to take or you don’t know what would be best for you? 

Self-discovery is I think one of the most important aspects of your life. If you don’t know yourself and if you don’t what’s best for you, you will live your life for others. You will make decisions that you will regret and you will feel stuck for the rest of your life. Ok, it’s a little depressing but actually, it’s true. 

I made a huge work on myself two years ago. I was totally stuck I was going through the quarter-life crisis (it’s a real thing). So I asked myself the right questions and it changed my life. Now, I know exactly what I want in my life. I have never been so sure about my decisions and I know in which direction I want to go.

I created a self-discovery book in which you will find 10 questions that could completely change your life.

Having less things 

My 30-day Minimalism Game helped me so much simplifying my life. Having less stuff helped me to know what I need and don’t need. It also helped me to spend less time organizing my apartment to fit everything. Actually, I threw away a lot of storage boxes because when you have less stuff, you don’t have to find a place for everything and you don’t have to be a pro of organization! 

It also helps me to spend less time cleaning. Because I don’t have to put everything that is lying high to vacuum.

Having a cat

Ok, it’s a weird one because you can think that I need to think about another living being and it’s true. But actually having a cat helped me to see my priorities differently. I think that it’s the same when you have kids. You have different priorities. We are so happy we have her. She’s our sunshine every day and actually, we keep asking how it would be if she wasn’t there. 

Saying no when I don’t want and create boundaries

The number eight is saying no when you don’t want to do something or to see someone. And it goes with knowing what you want in your life. 

In the book Essentialism, the author tells that if you choose to say yes to something, you say no to another that could be more important for you. And now, when someone asks me something, I’m thinking about what I’m saying no to.

Even if it’s not possible to say no to things you don’t want all the time, thinking about what you’re saying no to will help to priorities your life and find more reasons to say no. And most of the time, people understand. And if it’s not the case, you need to ask yourself more questions about the people around you.

Having a to-do list 

The number nine is to have a to-do list and I want to go further by having a brain dump list available anytime. 

Having a to-do list helps me to stop thinking about what I need to do and just do the things. 

I don’t know about you but when I sat in front of my computer, I didn’t know what I needed to achieve, and finally, I was scrolling on Facebook and doing nothing productive for hours. 

Now I have a to-do list for almost every day and it really helps me to achieve more in less time. 

The second thing is to have a brain dump list on your computer or your phone. I have this kind of list on Notion. And every time I have an idea or something that going through my head, I write it down on Notion. Once a week I take a look at this list and I schedule in my calendar these things. 

When you do this, it’s not in your head anymore and you can think about something more important. 

Changing my job 

The number ten is a huge one. And I know that it’s not possible for everybody. I had the chance to change my job to have more time for myself. It helped to simplify my life because I don’t need to find time to do what’s important for me. 

There are some sacrifices obviously but you know, when you realize what is important for you, these sacrifices are not really sacrifices anymore. 

Tell in the comments below the things that simplify your life! I hope you enjoyed it. I see you in the next one! Bye! 

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