15 Free Activities To Do During Your Free Time

Hello Friends! 

Welcome back! Today I want to talk about all the activities that don’t cost a thing! 

A few weeks ago I made a blog post about all the things I wish I knew before my no-spend challenge and one of these things was to know what I will do instead of spending my money. 

So today I will help you to have a successful no-spend challenge or even to help you to not spend too much money when you have better options right next to you! 

Ok so when you want to save for an emergency fund, a holiday or whatever, you want to spend a lot less. But when you have free time, it could be difficult. If you are like I was, I spent all of my free time at the mall watching the latest trends and most of the time I bought a cloth or two. And when I came back home without something I felt bad. I felt like I wasted my time…

What made me struggle a lot for a few years is to not know what I could do if I didn’t go to the mall. It was even worse when I didn’t know what to do with my day and when I was bored. 

So when I did my no-spend challenge I needed to find ways to occupy myself during my free time. 

1- Finding and doing a Youtube video workout

Youtube is free so you don’t have to pay to watch content. And if you want to stay fit and to create yourself a program it’s simple. Try to find a fitness Youtuber that you like and put aside some videos. The best way to do it is to save 4 or more videos: one for the core and arms, one for legs and booty, one for total body and one for cardio. You have your 4 day of workouts for free! 

You don’t have to pay for classes or for a gym membership to do a workout. You can also select videos for which you don’t need equipment.  

My favorite fitness Youtubers are Madfit, GrowingAnanas and Chloé Ting

Don’t forget to find a video to cool down or to stretch at the end of your workout. 

2- Taking Care of your plants and doing some propagations

It’s one of my favorite activities each week. I like to talk to my plants, water them and even propagate them. 

As for the number 1 you have a ton of videos on Youtube on how to propagate your plant depending on the species. You just need a small glass of water and that’s it. After a few weeks you have more plants for yourself or to offer! 

3- Decluttering your home 

Ok, so if you do a no-spend challenge, decluttering your entire home will help you to stay occupied! And you will even make some money by selling all the things you don’t want anymore. You can choose to do the 30-Day minimalism game. The first day you get rid of 1 thing, the second 2 things and so on. At the end you will declutter more than 500 things from your home! If you want to have some inspiration, I will put the link to see my video here

You can also declutter your digital space, organize your emails, sort through your photos and everything related. 

4- Reading

When I did my no-spend month, one of my rules was to not spend money on books because I had too many on my shelves. So I spent a lot of time catching my lateness. Thanks to this, I discovered some pretty amazing books. 

If you have books on your shelves, it’s for a reason so take some time to sit on your couch and to immerse yourself in a novel. It’s such a good feeling! 

5- Watching Netflix

Ok so Netflix is not free but I’ve decided that it would be one of our bills with my boyfriend. We use it a lot and it’s the only streaming platform that we have. And it’s all right to spend some time watching your favorite show. When I had Covid, it was my favorite activity! I watched Bridgerton in just one afternoon! 

You also have a ton of really good documentaries. Here are my favorite ones: 

  • The Game Changers
  • The Minimalists (1 and 2)
  • Cowspiracy 
  • And all the documentaries about serial killers

6- Finishing all the activities you’ve already began

What about the dress you wanted to sew, the embroidery you never finished or the painting you never started? You have all the materials to achieve them but you never end your project. So now is the time! 

When I did my no-spend month, I wanted to buy a new embroidery because I thought that I will finish mine soon. But not at all, I finished it a month later even by doing it several times a week. 

In the end, be honest with yourself. Is it really something you enjoyed doing? Do you really enjoy painting or sewing? Don’t spend money on things because it’s cool on Instagram. I would love to know and to love to sew but it’s not my favorite activity. I prefer embroidery. 

7- Doing some lists

When I have time, like when I’m on holiday and I think about my life, I like to do some lists. For example, I like to make a list of all the things I want to do before my birthday. Or a bucket list, aka all the things I want to do before dying. 

Another list you can do is all the things you need to do during an admin day. It’s what I make every month. I write down on Notion all the mundane things I need to do and I schedule this day into my calendar. So it’s all about cleaning, dropping off some packages, taking doctor appointments and so on. 

8- Journaling 

Having free time is an opportunity to know yourself better. It’s a good time to ask yourself some questions, to think about your thoughts and what’s going on in your head. 

If you want to think about your next goals, I made an interactive video with a lot of questions you can ask yourself if you don’t know where to start to change your life. 

Journaling helps me to have a clearer mind, to analyze what were my decisions and why I reacted how I did. 

I don’t journal everyday but everytime I do, I feel so much better. And don’t have to create a Bullet Journal to write in it! 

9- Walking in nature 

You can spend time in nature or even in your city without spending a thing. Ok it’s more difficult when you’re in your city. But you can find a park and walk for one or two hours, you can sit on a bench and watch all around you or just read a book. 

You will be so peaceful after that. 

It’s when I’m walking in nature that my mind is the clearest, that I have my better ideas and that I make the most important decisions of my life. It’s a kind of meditation for me. 

10- Starting a side hustle

Sometimes, starting a side hustle could cost something but it’s also possible to start with nothing. For example, if you have a camera, you can start a Youtube Channel. If you already have a website you can try to grow your audience and write blog posts. You can also sell your clothes and earn some money. 

You can also decide to sell your creation on Etsy or to become an English teacher. 

You don’t have to spend hours doing these things because the hustle culture is not the healthiest one but it could help you to spend your free time doing things you love and earn some money. 

11- Cleaning your house

Ok this one is not the most exciting one but it’s really satisfying to see you home clean and tidy. 

I love to see my apartment clean. I have the feeling to have a clearer mind and to be more focused on things that matter. 

You don’t have to do it all the same day. I like to clean my bathroom one day and the kitchen another day. But everytime, I vacuum. 

You can also decide to deep clean some rooms. For example, cleaning the top of cupboards or washing curtains and windows.  

12- Cooking meals with what you already have

It’s what I did for a week when I did my no-spend challenge. I had so many things in my pantries and I didn’t want to see tin cans that I had for a long time. So I tried to cook meals with everything that I had without running errands. And it was a success.

What I learned in the past few weeks is that you don’t have to have a lot of ingredients to eat well. And you don’t have to create fancy meals every time either. 

13- Creating a budget 

Ok so it’s your no-spend challenge or you want to get back on track with your money. So it’s the best time to create a budget. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated. What I do is to open my bank account (it could be a little bit scary), open a table on Google and do 2 columns, one for the income, one for the expenses. 

I add together all the mandatory expenses that I have: my rent, my electricity bill and so on. And I see what I have at the end of the month. I decide how much money I can put into a savings or an investing account. I put in place some automatic transfers and at the end I have what I can spend for the month. And that’s it! 

14- Meditating 

You don’t have to have a meditation app to meditate, you have a ton of guided meditation on Youtube or Spotify depending on the type of meditation you want to have. For anxiety, for self-confidence, to evacuate stress or whatever. You can do it whenever you want. I prefer to do it at night after my day because it’s at this time I really need to slow down and to evacuate my stress of the day. 

It’s difficult for me to stay consistent with this practice. I know I feel good after that but I can’t make it a habit. So tell me in the comments below how you make meditation a habit! Thank you! 

15- Taking care of your body

Having free time is also about taking care of your body. Once a week, especially on Sunday, I like to take a good shower, to scrub, to do a hair mask. And then I hydrate my body and I do my mani and pedi. And because it’s almost summer I put on self-tanner. 

We have a ton of beauty products. A ton of scrub products, a ton of moisturizer but we don’t take the time to use them. 

It took a lot of time but now, I have the habit of moisturizing my body every single day, it wasn’t the case before. 

By doing this kind of self care every Sunday, it’s like I’m ready for a new week.  

Okay guys, I hope this video will help you to find some things to do without spending money. Tell me in the comments below what you like to do that is free. 

I see you in the next one, 

Bye friends!