My 2021 Low-Buy Year | Mid-Year Update


Today, I want to give you an update on my low buy year. If you don’t see my blog post about my 10 low-buy year rules.

So in January, I’ve decided to do a low buy year to reach my saving goals. And I gave myself 10 rules to follow. 

My big why is that I want to be financially free as soon as possible and work when I want, where I want. And my big dream is to have a house near the sea. 

So let’s see if I correctly follow these rules! 

No spending on makeup, cream, or perfume

Okay so rules number one was no spending on makeup, cream, or perfume, except if I finish a product I use every day, like mascara, eyeliner. And I have to say that I’m proud of that. I only buy one mascara and one powder because I finished the products. 

As I said in my previous video, with my job I have a lot of creams so I didn’t need to buy one. And I already have a lot of perfumes. And because this kind of product doesn’t really bring me joy, I didn’t feel the need to buy something. 

No technology upgrade

The rule number was to not buy technology to upgrade. And I’m also proud of myself for this one. 

So for this rule, it was okay to buy something new if one of my technology like my phone or my computer is broken. But it wasn’t the case and I didn’t upgrade anything. 

I have to be honest with you, I wanted for a month to buy a new iPad. Because it’s easier to carry. But, it’s really expensive and I already have my MacBook Pro. And for a few pounds, I didn’t see the point to buy this new iPad. 

So I have to say that it was difficult to tell myself that I wouldn’t buy it because it’s exciting to have this brand shiny new thing. 

Because it was really expensive, I decided to wait until I really needed to carry my Macbook with me for a week and see if it was okay or not. And actually, it was more than okay and I’ve decided to not buy the Ipad. And I’m really glad I did it because I invested this money. 

Just one take out per month

So the number 3 is just one takeout per month. Okay so…

No, at all. 

It was even worse these previous 6 months. And it’s something I told you in my video about resetting your life. It was really difficult to find the will to cook during these months and we ordered about 2 times a week. And when I see all the money we waste on bad food, I’m disgusted. And because I see all the money go away from my bank account, I’ve decided to do something. So during my reset, I made a list of all the ingredients that I have and I planned a lot of meals that I can make easily without buying anything else. And because I see all the money go away, I find the will to cook, even for 20 minutes. 

So if you struggle with this, keep in mind the amount of money you waste to harm your body with bad food. It’s a loose-loose situation! 

It’s really this rule that I didn’t follow at all. And I think food is one of our biggest expense parts and I’m not really glad about that. 

Okay so let’s move on to the fourth rule.

No clothes except for replacement or if I lose weight

Rule number 4 is no clothes except for replacement or if I lose weight. 

So breaking news, I didn’t lose weight! As expected. But I realized that I had more clothes in case I lose weight than clothes that fit right now. So I make kind of peace with my body and I’ve decided to buy new clothes that fit right now. 

I didn’t spend a lot because it was through Vinted but yeah I bought new clothes. I think I bought 2 pairs of jeans, 4 T-shirts or blouses, and 1 sweater. And I spent less than 100 hundred on all of these. 

It’s not really a win but it’s way better than before. I know this rule would be difficult for me and it was. But I spent really less time on websites and for that, it’s a win! 

No home decor

Rule number 5 was no home decor. And I did it! 

One of my motivations was that we move out in one year (okay it’s a long time) but I really want to save money to have home decor that will fit with the new apartment. 

The only thing that I bought was 3 new plants. But it’s not really home decor that will collect dust. 

Meal planning

So this rule goes with rule number 3 and it’s about meal planning. I really wanted to be more consistent with meal planning but it wasn’t a win. We ordered a lot and I didn’t have the courage to cook for hours on Sunday. 

And actually, by the end of the week, almost all the food was out of date so we waste food and I don’t like that. So now, when I cook something, I try to cook something else only for 2 or 3 days and that’s it. It’s more manageable for me and we don’t spend a lot of time in our kitchen, we don’t waste food and we don’t waste money! 

No useless subscriptions

As I told you in my blog post, 2020 was the year of subscription! And I really wanted to slow down this or even cancel some of them. 

It was a success for some of them and not for gym apps, I have to be honest. I thought I needed to have a gym app to find the motivation to workout but not really and I fall into this trap every year. So I have a subscription for 2 gym apps and that’s it. I also have a subscription for my side hustle but I use all the websites so it’s okay. 

So it’s not really a win, but it’s not like last year. And for the subscription I use a lot, I have the year plan that costs me so much less. For this, I follow a video of Aja Dang in which she explained that she prefers to pay everything once and not every month and I did this for most of my expenses and it’s worth it! 

No online course

Rule number 8 was no online course and it’s a win but not really. I told you that 2020 was also a year of online courses. I took a lot of online courses and it wasn’t always great. So I’ve decided to stop this and find ways on the internet. 

But, I really love what Amy Porterfield does and she opened Digital Course Academy and I was totally lost with my online course and I have to say that it was worth it. Like really worth it. I’m glad I did it. And actually, it was the only course I spent money on this year. 

No books until I finish all the books that I own

Rule number 9 was all about books. I bought many books in 2020 and I didn’t want to buy another book until I finish all of them. 

And I did it! I read about 10 to 15 books since the beginning of the year and they were the only books I bought last year. 

And I really glad I did it. I discover books that were really really good like The Subtle Art of not giving a fuck and Essentialism. 

I still have books to read but I bought a book about personal finance and I took Audible because I spend a lot of time walking to go to work. 

Go out with cash

And rule number 10 was to go out with cash. 

And because of the pandemic, we didn’t go out a lot. So I didn’t follow the rule. As I told you, I don’t go out a lot but I don’t want to deprive myself to have a good evening if I don’t have enough cash. So I think I will delete this rule until the end of the year. 

So to conclude, I’m proud of myself for some of the rules, especially the books and the clothes. But about food, I’m not really glad. So I will try to push myself to cook more and to save money. It’s a really great motivation when you see your money grow in your bank account so I will try to find this motivation. 

Tell in the comments if you’re doing a low-buy year or even a no-buy year. I’d love to know! 

I want to give you an update on my low buy year