10 Reasons You Keep Clothes You DON’T LOVE/NEED

Hello friends, and welcome back for another blog post. So today I wanted to talk about clothes. And I had this idea of a video because I just changed my closet, and I realized how many clothes I have that I don’t really love. And I think it’s the same for you and even if I got rid of many clothes, I kept a lot of them too. 

So today I wanted to make a blog post about all the reasons you keep closed you don’t really need, and you don’t really wear

You need to consider these reasons before buying something new the next time you shop online or go to the mall. Or even if you decide to declutter your wardrobe. 

So let’s get started.

It’s new and if you get rid of it, it’s a waste of money 

It’s usually the number one reason you keep something with a label on it. If you decide to donate it or sell it, it would be a waste of money. Because if you donate it, you won’t earn money and if you decide to sell it, you won’t have the totally amount of money you put on. So you keep it, just in case you’ll need it. 

But let’s face it, you won’t need it and you’ll never wear it because if it’s something new you actually never wear, you don’t need it. 

I’m not afraid of selling clothes you labels on because I sold a lot of these clothes online and I know I’m feeling better when I don’t see them every single day because it’s less clutter in my closet and less clutter in my mind too. Having them in my wardrobe is a constant reminder that I made a bad decision when I bought them. 

So if you have these kinds of clothes, sell them, you will feel so much lighter. And if you hesitate to buy a product, think about the price and whether it’s a product you are sure to wear and if the case, challenge yourself to put it the first week you’d buy it. 

It’s a must-have

There are a lot of videos out there about all the must-haves you need to have in your wardrobe. And if you watch all these videos, you have a ton of them in your wardrobe. Even if it’s not your style. 

I was so guilty about this because fashion was my passion before. I was definitely a shopaholic. And I had a ton of must-haves, even if they didn’t fit my lifestyle and job. 

For example, you absolutely need to have a pair of black heels or a cut little black dress because it’s a must-have. But if it’s not your style and you hate wearing heels, no need to have them in your wardrobe. And by selling them, some people would be happy. You need to get rid of your fancy self. 

So, of course, it’s great to have must-haves that fit your style and lifestyle. But what is the point of having a white t-shirt and a black blazer if you like wearing colors and sweaters? 

You wanted to get out of your comfort zone

And it’s not suitable for your lifestyle. 

So it’s the same as before but it’s something you wanted to try and you don’t feel comfortable with this style. And now you don’t want to wear it anymore. 

It’s to buy a red sweater when you like to wear black and white clothes. Totally guilty. Or it’s when you buy dresses when you wear jeans all the time. Guilty about this too but I try to wear them more often!

It’s really something that I did before knowing my personal style but I try to avoid that, even if it’s trendy because I know I won’t be comfortable. It won’t be me. 

So I won’t waste money on things that aren’t me. 

You gain weight, or you lose weight

And you keep clothes that are too tight or too big. 

So you can be like me, buying clothes to motivate yourself to lose weight. Or you can keep clothes that are too big or too tight because you lose weight or you gain weight. 

And finally, in your closet, you have things that don’t fit at all. And it affects your mental health too. Because watching clothes that are too tight every day reminds you you failed at losing weight. Get rid of all of them, except clothes you know you will put on again because you will lose or gain max 5 pounds. 

You need to accept the body you have right now. Even if one of your goal is to lose weight. You’ll never be happy by not enjoying the process. 

A cloth for an occasion

It could be a dress for a wedding or an outfit for graduation, and you decide to wear it once. And I totally understand why you want to keep it. It was a special occasion, and you want to remind yourself of this occasion through an outfit. But it takes space, and you will remind yourself of this even through your memories or photos. So, get rid of it now. 

And if you have an event and you want to wear something special, what about renting the clothes you want. Or to wear something you could where anytime you want. Or for another occasion. 

For example, I have two weddings at the end of the year. And I’m a girl so I don’t want to wear the same dress. So I think that I would rent them or I will buy dresses I will try to rewear in the summer.


We have too many maybes in our closet and not enough hell yeses. And it’s what I noticed when I changed my closet last week. 

I needed to clear my closet because you needed to change everything for a better organization. One of my goals in February. And when I put every clothes I have inside. I noticed how many clothes I have now that I don’t really love and so many clothes I keep just in case. Yeah, even me, after a lot of closets decluttering. But you know, you have to have clothes to go to work and get dressed on the weekend too. You can’t live in pajamas. 

But we need to remind ourselves of the things we keep and wear it a few times a year. And things we have in 10 copies just in case, like this t-shirt for painting. 

And if you want to earn money, it’s time to get rid of the last category!

My ultimate goal for my closet is to have online hell, yes clothes I wear every time and that I love. 

Something that fits with nothing 

Perhaps you bought a top with puff sleeves and because of that you can’t wear it with a cardigan. Or you bought a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit with the shoes you already have. In these case, you can decide to spend a lot more money to find something that fits with what you already bought. Or you can decide not to wear it because it’s too difficult. 

I decided to create a capsule wardrobe so I know that every piece fits with at least 3 other things. If it’s too complicated or that I need to put this specific cardigan with this dress, I will get bored and I wouldn’t want to wear it. 

And if it’s something I know would be complicated to match or I need to buy something that is not on my wish list, it’s just a no-buy. 

You are bored of wearing it 

But you think you’ll wear it again. 

It could be a t-shirt you wore for several seasons but now you’re little bored of it. 

You don’t have to be guilty about wanting to get rid of it. I would say that the cost per use was great, and it may be time to let it go. You don’t have to be super strict about that too. 

It happens to me with sweaters mostly. I would wear it for several seasons, even years and then I don’t want to see it anymore. But I keep it because I don’t know if I would wear it in the future. And that’s okay. But if you see a year later that you don’t want to see it again, declutter it. 

It’s a gift

It could be something that is sentimental, like the first sweater your boyfriend offered you or a cloth you keep for someone as a gift. 

But you don’t wear it anymore because it’s not your style or it doesn’t fit you anymore. 

If you want to offer it to someone, keep it, but if it’s a gift, and you think about decluttering it but feel guilty about it, declutter it.

I know it’s complicated and it depends on the person who offered you the cloth, the moment and so on. 

I’m not really sentimental with things. I like to remind these people and these moments with photos or memories. Things are not the most important, the most important are moments of life. 

It’s something from your past self, your past style

And it reminds you a good time. And I got it too. I changed my marketing position in a corporate job to a pharmacist who wear something specific. So I don’t need blazers anymore or even heels because I wear UGGs during the winter and sneakers the rest of the time. 

But I can’t get rid of everything too. I keep some of my blazers because I want to wear them again, when I will lose them because I love them so much. Yeah all these reasons for 2 blazers! But I know I will regret decluttering them. 

But if it’s something that you know you’ll not wear again or it reminds you bad times, it’s time to let them go. 

Alright guys, I hope you liked this blog post and I hope it will help you to ask yourself the right questions when you will want to buy something or declutter your closet. 

I’ll see you in the next one. 

Bye friends!