Things I Will Invest My Money On This Year

So at the beginning of the month, I made a video with all the things I don’t want to buy in 2023. And because I don’t want to do a no-spend challenge this year, I know I will spend some money on things that are really important to me. 

We often talk about low buy year and rules. Like I don’t want to spend money on fast food and so on. But we don’t make a list of all the things we want to spend money on. So today is the day! So why not investing on things that are important for us? Things we love or even investing on ourselves? 

So here are the things I want to invest my money on.  

So let’s get started. 


In 2021 and even in 2022, I told myself that I needed to finish all the books I already had before buying new ones. And I finished every books I had. So in 2023, I want to buy books, I want to read more, like 2 books a month. I already invested in some hard cover books, mostly personal development books, so that it’s easier to highlight. And I prefer to buy the rom-com ones on my Kindle. 

I plan to set up a reading nook in my living room with a shelf and all my books in it. 

So if you have any suggestions about books you love, please tell me in the comments below. 

A fitness app subscription 

Okay guys, I know it’s something I didn’t want to do but because I spend a lot of time at the gym now, I like to have a workout ready for me. 

When you start going to the gym, you feel a little bit intimidated with the weight, the equipment and so on. 

And I found an app that helps me to have my own workout, with a lot of options. If I don’t want to do a certain exercise, I will change. I already have a gym membership and I don’t want to cancel it because it’s one of my habit now, to go to the gym early in the morning. It became a very important part of my life so my membership is profitable. 

Workout Clothes

Speaking of workout, another thing that I want to invest my money in is workout clothes. I don’t have a lot of workout clothes and I don’t feel great and comfortable in most of them. In my previous video, I told you that I don’t want to buy brand new clothes in 2023 but I will invest in some good second hand pieces this year. And workout clothes are on the list. 

I already spotted some really good pieces of lululemon second-hand clothes half the price of a new one.


Okay, so I will spend money on this apartment for sure! We bought furniture so that it’s practical, it’s functional but now I want this apartment to be my home. So we will buy a canopy for the kitchen, a bigger bed, a chair for this corner of the living room and a piece of furniture to put the books and plants in the living room. 

I don’t necessarily want to put a lot of money into these pieces of furniture because I don’t know where I will live tomorrow but I want to feel comfortable in this apartment. 

That brings me to the next point. 

Organization stuff

Because this flat was brand new, we needed to organize everything. So, for example, we have closets but it’s almost empty inside. So we need to buy stuff to organize everything inside. For example, for a closet, we plan to buy some drawers and we make some plans to know what we really need. We also need to organize the kitchen because I put everything inside the drawers but it’s a little bit messy. 

So I think we will need some organizational stuff. 

Home decor

And finally for the flat, I want to buy a little bit of home decor. That’s why I don’t put it in my no-buy list. I don’t want to have much but our walls are bright white so I would like to put some mirrors or pictures. 

But, and it’s a big but. I will think about it twice before buying something because I don’t want to have a lot of things in my hands and nowhere to put them. I really want to be intentional with what I bring into my home. I don’t want to have things I won’t love anymore after 2 months. 

a wellness day a month

Anytime I get a massage or I go to a spa, I tell myself that I need and I want to do it more. So for 2023, I’ve decided to treat myself and to have a wellness day a month. So it could be getting a massage, going to a sauna or getting my nails done. 

We tend to keep these moments uncommon because most of the time it’s expensive and it’s not tangible, it’s not material. When the moment is over, we don’t have anything left. So we prefer to buy stuff we see instead of these types of experiences. 


And it’s my next point, experiences. I’ve decided to get out of my comfort zone this year so I will have a lot of new experiences! 

Once a week, I will do one thing that is out of my comfort zone. And most of the time, I will need to spend a little bit of money. I already work in a café and go to a pilates class. But you know what I never regretted it. 

Index funds 

The last thing I want to invest my money in is index funds. 

At the beginning of last year, I saved a lot of money and I was able to invest in index funds. And even if the markets are all over the place new, I don’t regret having done it. 

So in 2023, I want to continue to put a certain amount of money each month into this account and to invest. 

Tell me in the comments below what you want to put your money on this year! 

I’ll see you in the next one! 

Bye friends!