How to declutter your home to clear your mind

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Do you have the feeling that your home is so a mess and that this is beyond your control? That you have to declutter and clean before you can do anything else? It’s the message that you own too many things and you have to declutter your home once and for all to clear your mind. 

After realizing that I was having a quarter-life crisis (go check if you’re concerned with my article : “8 signs that you’re having a quarter-life crisis“), it was necessary for me to clear my head and my mind. I don’t know if it’s the same for you but I can’t start a new project or doing anything if my space is messy. So I decided to declutter once and for all my apartment. 


My journey of decluttering before the big day 

I’d always love to declutter my home. Since I was a kid, each year I decided to do a big sort in my room and there was often a lot of trash bags. It’s crazy the number of things that we accumulate. Each year, I asked myself how I could accumulate all these things. After the declutter, the mess started accumulating yet again after one short week. Actually I kept some items because it was “necessary” (souvenirs, gifts and so on…). So I was a genius of the arrangement. My room was clean but it was a mess in my drawers. The day after the cleaning, my room was tidy but the day after, it was a mess. I have too many things and it was difficult to sort all of these. 

I tried the Marie Kondo’s method but there are limits. For example, it’s difficult to declutter with the Marie Kondo method when your boyfriends doesn’t want to and it’s hard to keep just the items that bring you joy. 

When I realized that I was having a quarter-life crisis, I was on holidays. When I came back at home, it was necessary to cleanse my apartment to clear my mind. I had to do this to answer the big questions : Who am I? What I want to do in life?

How to declutter your home to clear your mind ? 

You have to plan your decluttering on several days or evenings. You can’t do it during a weekend only, except if you have a very tiny home. I planned to do it during a weekend and 2 evenings. I had a small apartment and it was quite quick. 

The week before, I was very excited about that. I looked at all the stuff that I will throw away. I wanted my boyfriend to help me to declutter this stuff too to really see the full extent of the result. But he wasn’t as excited as me, ahah!! 

You have to decide which room to declutter first and what will be the next room and when you’ll start working on it. 

Unlike some others, I like to do it room by room instead of item by item. You see the result more quickly and it really keeps you going. 

For each room, declutter by category. For example, in your bedroom, take all your clothes and put them in the middle of the room. It will give you an overview of what you have. Do the same for paper or cosmetic products. You will quickly see what you have too much of. 

Here are the questions that you need to ask yourself for each item : 

  • Is it damaged or broken? 
  • Do you have another one? 
  • Do you use it often?
  • For clothes and shoes : Does it fit? Am I comfortable in it?
  • Does this item bring me joy or has a positive impact on my life? 

With time, I was less and less willing to keep items less and less pity when sorting. Now, when I don’t use the item during 6 months, I donate or I sell it. I only regret one time to have sell a cloth but I don’t remember the cloth so it’s not important! I encourage you to have no pity with your stuff, you won’t regret it. 

What do you have to do after cleansing? 

Declutter is fine but it’s not the final goal. The goal is to have a clearer mind to do whatever you really want to do. 

How to declutter your home to clear your mind ?


What are the results? 

After few weeks, you finished decluttering. How do you feel after that? Better? 

How many garbage bags did you throw away? Do you realise the amount of money spent on things you don’t particularly need/love? Do you have a clearer mind ? What will you do from now on? 

Answer all these questions in a notebook. 

Make a list of the things that you will no longer buy 

You may have noticed that you buy items that don’t bring you joy or that you don’t use at all. For me, an example would be magazines that I don’t read and candles that I don’t use. 

So I made a list of all the items that I won’t buy anymore. 

Make your own list and when you hesitate to buy an item, think about this list. It will help you to decide if you really need it. 

How to declutter your home to clear your mind ?


Now you have a clearer mind, what do you want to do? 

You maybe had an idea of what you want to do before the declutter. Put yourself in good conditions. Maybe you need some furnitures, a planner or whatever. Make a list of what you need. Now that you have room, create your own space to do whatever you want to do. 

After the sort, I had so many space that I could buy a desk for doing all my activities. And I could buy some other plants to be more peaceful in my home. 

I hope this article will help you decluttering one and for all and doing whatever you want to do after. Pin it if you want to read it later! 

How to declutter your home to clear your mind