How to be more productive to enjoy your life?

You might hear everywhere that you must be more productive during your life and especially during your twenties. There are a lot of posts about stopping to procrastinate. The goal is to learn more, work more, travel more and have more money. But you could also be more productive to have more time for what you love, your hobbies or your family. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing wrong with some procrastinating by watching Netflix! 

If you want to start a project : eating healthier, workout or starting a blog, you need to have time. It was one of the reason why I’ve decided to start minimalism during my twenties. 

For few years, methods to become more effective are numerous! Some are really helping people to accomplish a lot. Some, a lot less. 

I’ve tried a lot of these methods and here are my tips that really works for me!


Analyze how you spend your time 

You may think that you never have the time to do anything. And let’s be honest, some weeks, it’s exactly like that. When I come back home, I’m too tired to do anything. I don’t want to clean, to cook or do anything, so I watch a TV show. At the end of the day or of the week I pretend that I hadn’t enough time to do what I needed to do. 

When it’s about time management I always remember a Ted Talk about prioritizing and gaining control of free time. The time management expert Lauren Vanderkam explains how to find free time even if you work 60 hours a week. She cuts her day by activities. For example, your day has 24 hours, you sleep 8 hours, so you subtract 8 to 24 hours. Subtract 1 hour for daily commute and 10 hours for the time spent at work. Do the math and you have your free time. It’s quite huge right? 

There are Apps that are very well to track your activities. I think that it’s a good begin to become productive. I usually use ATracker to track what I do on several days. Even watching your time on your phone is a good indicator. 

How to be more productive to enjoy your life?

Plan your day 

I started to plan every activities that I had during a day after watching Matt D’Avella’s video about tracking every minutes during a month. He creates a Google Calendar with all his activities, even travel to go to work, lunch and so on… 

This hasn’t to be perfect and the life shouldn’t be set like a music sheet but it gives you time to do what you love or maybe work on your projects. 

Make to-do lists 

This is the number one priority when you want to be more productive. If you don’t know what you have to do, you will postpone tasks and you will end up doing nothing productive. 

I’m not a regular person about App or notebook but I like to use Todoist for my blog. Their models of to-do list are really good and it helps me to gain a lot of time. I also have a tiny notebook with me all the time to note anything that goes through my head. 

Preparing my to-do list on Sunday for the next week is what works the most for me. Then, during the week, I add or delete some items. 

I think that writing your to-do list makes your tasks concret. It’s not just “it will be amazing if I finish this tonight”, you do it and it’s really amazing. What a satisfaction when you check the box!

Some tasks may be difficult to check. The solution could be to divide this task in smaller tasks. You will be more effective for this project and you will get results faster! 

Use an App to focus

When I really need to concentrate, for example to write a blog post, I like to use a Pomodoro method App like Tide. Pomodoro is a method of time management : you work 25 minutes and you have a 5 minutes break. To have 15 minutes break, you need to repeat this 4 times.

It’s the best method when you need to concentrate to work for several hour. I like to use this method for the blog. I also used it when I had to write my thesis. 

By using this method you will see that 25 minutes is not long at all but you have to take the 5 minutes break to not faint afterwards. 

How to be more productive to enjoy your life?

Have daily routines 

Daily routines, like morning or evening routines are really importants in your twenties, especially if you want to achieve goals. It helps you to manage your time for what you really want to do. For example, getting up earlier in the morning for reading or working out. 

You can also create a habit of doing your to-do list every evening for the next day. I made a post for each routines that I have : a Morning Routine for a Productive Day and an Evening Routine to end your Day Well. 


Enjoy your free time! 

How could you be productive everyday if you don’t take time for yourself? 

So enjoy your free time! Take time for yourself and don’t squeeze it for doing laundry or whatever. 

If you have days or weeks without motivation, don’t blame yourself. Take time to reset. In these moments, I try to not think about tasks and take time for me (knitting and watching Holiday movies). The next morning I try to find motivation and do a to-do list of easy tasks. 

Do you use another methods to be productive? If so, what are they? 

How to be more productive to enjoy your life?