10 Habits and Mindset For a Happier Life

Hi Friends! Welcome back!

Today I want to talk about happiness. We all want to be happy… It’s worldwide. 

But in this world, we all think about productivity, achieving goals, having material things, having better things than the neighbors. And let’s be honest, all these things are not about happiness. 

When you set goals, you want to reach them and it’s great. Having goals will keep you accountable and will help you to move on if you don’t like the life you have right now. But it’s not because you don’t achieve this goal that you can’t be happy. 

Greg Anderson said: “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

You need to find happiness where you are right now.

When I realized this, it was a revolution. I realized that whatever I want in my life, it’s not by reaching what I want that I will finally be happy. Before, I was always telling myself that I would finally be happy when I would change to have the job of my dream, when I would move into my dream apartment or when I would lose X pounds. 

But when you reach these goals, you’re looking to the next one without taking time to appreciate what you already accomplished. 

So today, I want to give you some tips to have a happier life and all the mindset and habits you need to develop to be happier. 

1- Practice Gratitude

I think that it’s great to remember what you already have in your lives. Because by always wanting more, you don’t realize that you are already happy. 

It’s something that I like to remind myself every single day. It’s not by writing 3 things I’m grateful for in my journal. I like this practice of gratitude but I don’t think it’s for me. What I like to do is to remind myself what I have in my life right now that makes me happy. Most of the time, I’m with my cat. It’s the beginning of the day and I’m drinking a cup of tea. And I watch all the things I have in my apartment. I remind myself that I’m lucky to have a boyfriend and a family that support all of my choices. I’m grateful to have the possibility to quit my job and have more time for myself. Every time I do this, it makes me smile. And I feel so happy and so fulfilled with my actual life. 

So what about you, what are you grateful for? 

2- Not be materialist

I realized over the years that I’m happier since I’ve decided to become a minimalist. I’m not materialist anymore. I don’t want to have the last phone, the last luxury bag or whatever. And if I have something broken, it’s ok. I will just replace it if I need to. 

I don’t need to have a lot of possessions to be happy. I prefer to spend time with my loved ones than spend time in malls. 

The quote says: “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like”

And it’s so true. 

So even if you don’t want to be a minimalist, try to think about this quote. Perhaps it’s what you’re living right now. Start to think about yourself and what you truly want. And you will realize that you don’t need to have a lot of possession to have what you want. 

3- Live in the present moment 

This one is a huge one and it’s something that I really need to work on. 

I tend to think about my past actions and to be anxious about my future. I ask myself too many questions about what I will do in 5 years, where I will live and so on. And because of that I miss moments in my life. 

So when I think about this, I try to remind myself to enjoy. To get back in my life and to take my time. It could be to turn off my phone when I’m with my family. It could be to take some time to pet my cat. Or it could be to find time to read a good book. 

I try as much as possible to practice meditation. This kind of self awareness practice helps you to put your stress away and to be in the present moment. Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day, it could completely change your mood and your happiness. 

4- Be optimistic

People who are happy see the good in every problematic moment. 

Every difficulty in their lives could be a positive outcome. Your reaction in regards to an event, good or bad, will completely change the outcome. And I see this a lot in my job. I’m constantly in front of people and depending on their moods, the event would be completely different. And when I’m not in a good mood, the outcome could be really problematic. On the other hand, when I’m optimistic and in a good mood, my day is most of the time pretty good. 

So think about something bad that happened to you. What could you learn from this experience? What would be the outcome if you didn’t react like you did? 

Let’s be honest, it’s difficult. But try to be a little more optimistic each day. 

5- Be confident with yourself and your values 

You don’t live for your parents, your friends or whoever. You live for yourself and you need to be confident with your choices, your actions. If you want to be happier, you need to put your own needs first. Because you know you deserve it.

This mindset is all about knowing yourself better. When you know what you want, what your values are, what you like in life, you will be so much more confident with your choices and you’ll be happier, I swear. 

If you want to know yourself better, I made a workbook with 10 questions you need to ask yourself. These questions helped me a lot a few years ago. I asked myself these questions and I changed my life. I will put the link of the workbook here

6- Be proud of your accomplishment 

It’s what I said in the intro of this video. You need to be proud of what you accomplished and all your wins. You need to celebrate your wins because not many people will do this for you. I’m sorry! 

It’s difficult to realize what you have already accomplished. You see what you need to do to change your life but you don’t see what you have already done to change it. 

I like this picture with the fellow looking at the top of the mountain and he sees the difficulty to reach the pic. But he doesn’t look back on what he already did to be where he is right now. 

Most of the time we see all the obstacles to reach our goals but we don’t see all the obstacles we overcome to be where we are right now. So be proud of yourself. 

7- Be generous

Seeing other people happy thanks to your actions is something that will make you happier. It doesn’t have to be a lot. It could be helping someone to go upstairs or to give advice to someone. 

People who are happy are generous too because they want others to be happy. 

In my job, it’s what I like the most. I like to help people with advice, even if I don’t sell something and see them go back and thank me because they don’t have this problem anymore. It’s what makes me happy in my job. 

Think about something that you can do to make people happy. Even the smallest action can change the day of someone. 

8- Sleep enough and do some exercise

How do you feel when you don’t have enough sleep? Angry, grumpy? Yeah me too. So I try as much as possible to have enough sleep. 

And I feel so much better after a great workout. I feel accomplished, I feel good in my body. I have the feeling I can conquer the world. 

You feel great because you take care of yourself. You take time to workout and to have a good sleep. By doing this you release the stress of your day and you feel so much better. And when you feel great, you’re happier. 

9- Laugh a lot

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Surround yourself with people who have the same sense of humor as yourself. I laugh a lot in my life. Even of the stupid jokes of my boyfriend, he is lucky! But if you don’t understand my jokes, you’re not allowed in my life anymore. Laughing is too important for me. 

So try to incorporate more fun into your life. Try to see some fun TV shows or videos. Try to be surrounded by people who make you laugh. 

10- Finding more inspiration and comparing yourself less

It’s difficult to not compare yourself. I made a blog post about this and I gave you some tips to stop comparing yourself. But you can’t live a life without comparing yourself with others. 

So when you’re scrolling on social media and you start to compare your life with this beautiful woman who lives near the ocean and has this cute dog, stop, think about it and try to find inspiration in the picture she just published. 

Remind yourself that what you see on social media is what people choose to show you. Nobody has a perfect life. But you can surround yourself with people who inspire you. 

I did a huge declutter on my social media one year ago and now I only have people on my feed that inspire me. Even if it’s a fitness girl with a six pack. She inspires me to do more workouts. 

We need to use comparison to evolve, not to diminish ourselves. 

And by finding inspiration, you evolve as a person and you become happier. 

Okay guys, it’s the end!

I see you in the next one!