Why You Don’t Need to Find Your Purpose to Be Happy & What You Need to Do Instead


Today, I wanted to talk about a subject that is close to my heart. And because I was in a position of finding my purpose, I wanted to do this video. 

If you’re feeling lost, you probably want to find your purpose, to have a why. Feeling lost is scary, but it’s also a good opportunity to ask yourself the right questions. 

You feel alone, and it’s almost like you won’t be happy anymore in your life. But actually, I think it’s a chance because you are aware that your actual life is not aligned with your values and it’s possible to change it. 

If you ask yourself a lot of questions and you currently make some research on Youtube or Google you will find that you need to have a purpose to be happy in your life. Finding your purpose will make you get out of this bad state of mind and you will finally be happy! 

Why I do not really agree with this idea and what you need to do instead!

Ok, so why I can tell you that trying to find your purpose is not a good idea. 

Ok so, 2 years ago I was lost in my life. However, I had checked all the boxes: a really great boyfriend, a great job, a family who supports me, and so on… But actually I wasn’t happy. I realized that I wasn’t living my dream life. My values had changed between the first years of college and my first job. And really guys, I was in a really bad mood. I was depressed, I didn’t want to go to work and it was even difficult for me to see people happy. 

Because I didn’t want to be in this state any longer, I made some research. I began to be interested in personal development and I found everywhere that I needed to find my purpose to be happy and to get out of this depressiveness. 

So I tried to find it. And I tried and I tried. 

I had no passion, I just enjoyed reading, being with my friends, watching some TV shows but that’s it. I didn’t have a really big passion for something. 

So how is it possible to find your purpose if you don’t have a passion? 

It made me sad. I knew that I didn’t live my best life but I didn’t have the key to feel better. 

And that’s exactly why I’m telling you this right now. 

You hear everywhere that you need to find your purpose to be happy. But what if you won’t find your purpose at all? That means you won’t be happy? 

I need to tell this: it’s bullshit. 

And I also need to tell you this: I don’t find my purpose yet but I’m happier every day because I know what I want and I make my decisions toward it. 

What you need to do instead of finding your purpose? 

Self-discovery guys! 

Ok, I explain myself. 

Know yourself better, know your values, and know your personality is one of the most important things in the world. I’m not kidding. 

If you don’t know yourself, if you don’t know what you want and you don’t know what makes you happy, you will make decisions that you will regret and that is not who you are. 

You will also make decisions that won’t be yours and will make you unhappy. These kinds of decisions could be accepting a promotion or helping a family member with something. You think it would be great but actually, you do this because you feel you have to do this. I think you know some examples from your own life. 

Know yourself better allows you to say no. Actually, you will realize that you will say no a lot of time. 

Know yourself better is learning to analyze your emotions, why you are stressed, why you’re happy. And finally, avoid situations in which you’re not feeling well and in the opposition try as much as possible to be in a situation in which you’re fulfilled. 

I’m sure you’re telling yourself, OK Anna, it’s great to know myself better, it seems really great but how do I do? 

I have your back. 

You will find on the internet a lot of questions you need to ask yourself to know yourself better. Really a lot of questions. 

But I selected only 10 questions that really changed my life.  

These 10 questions made me open my eyes to who I am and what I want. 

I made a workbook to answer these questions, you can find the link to have it in the description box below. I’m sure it will help you change your life too. 

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These questions made me make some really great decisions in my life. They made me say no to opportunities that I thought were great for me but not really. It was an opportunity for people who asked me but not really for me. 

It was hard. It’s always hard, it’s life. But you know what, I never regret the decisions that I made since then. 

If you need some example, the first question is to describe your ideal day, hour by hour, and be as precise as possible. 

When you will read these questions, you will think that it’s pretty easy but I challenge you to answer them seriously. 

These questions and this workbook are from something that I’m currently creating so tell me if you want to know more about this 😉 

>>> Click here to download your FREE Workbook!

Ok, guys, it’s the end! Tell me in the comments below if you feel lost in your life and what your current action to find a direction to follow. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and you will enjoy this workbook. And I see you in the next one!

Why you don't need to find your purpose to be happy and what you need to do instead