How to create your capsule wardrobe in 7 easy steps?

In your life simplification process, you’ve realized that your wardrobe is a real problem. You have nothing to wear in the morning even if your wardrobe is full and you’ve realized you bought some clothes that can’t match with your clothes. 

When I moved in my apartment, my clothes were EVERYWHERE!! I shared my tiny wardrobe with my boyfriend and it was a mess. So I learned to organize myself! For a year, I tried to make a rotation of clothes between summer and winter. To make this shift, I bought storage that goes under the bed, which allows us to store a lot of clothes and saved a lot of space. 

Since then, I’ve tried to pay attention to what I buy. There are still small adjustments to make in my way of buying but I’m trying to improve myself!

To stop buying anything and having something to wear in the morning, I decided to create my capsule wardrobe.


What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe with few elements all going together. For example, you have a top that goes with almost all your bottoms : jeans, a little black skirt etc … For having this type of wardrobe, you need very few pieces.

The purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to know how to dress in the morning because you know that all of your clothes match with one another. Your capsule wardrobe is totally up to your morphology and your personal style everything has to be comfortable. You can say goodbye to the pieces that scratch you, that are so tight that you want to remove them as soon as you put them on!

Don’t forget that a capsule wardrobe includes all your clothes (jackets and coats too) and all your shoes. 

How to create your capsule wardrobe in 7 easy steps?

7 steps to create YOUR capsule wardrobe 

Empty your entire wardrobe

It is important to see the extent of the damage 🙂 I must say that I was surprised to see everything I had in my tiny space.

Take also all your shoes to be able to create outfits later.

Sort your clothes and shoes

If you need help to declutter your wardrobe, here are the questions that you need to ask yourself : 

  • Is it matches with at least 3 other clothes? 
  • Do I feel comfortable in it? 
  • Do I feel confident in it?  

When you ask yourself these questions, make 4 different stacks:

  • Seasonal clothes you choose for your capsule wardrobe. 
  • Out of season clothes. These are the clothes you will store to bring them back to the next season. This pile is a bit more complicated because you tend to keep clothes because you still want to put them. 
  • Clothes that you are sure not to put back. These are the clothes we’ve had for years and we keep knowing that we will not wear again. I had some clothes like that in my closet and I decided to be ruthless this year. For those who are still in good condition, I will try to sell them and for others I give them. 
  • Clothes for which you can’t decide. These are clothes that you’re not sure to wear during the season but you would still like to have on hand. 

Then sort the shoes. Think about the ones you will really put on during the season and the ones you do not want to put on anymore (because they hurt you or are damaged too much …)

Store the stack of seasonal clothes

Once you have your stacks, store in your wardrobe clothes that you want to keep for the season. You should see a huge difference in the number of clothes and the place you have now. Don’t fall into the trap of redeeming everything to fill the space! We will talk about it later in this article.

Declutter clothes you don’t want anymore

Put aside those that are in good condition to sell them later and give to a charity those which are too worn out to sell.

For the clothes I want to sell, I use a dedicated application. It works very well and you will quickly become addicted!

Keep your clothes out of season

I have a very small apartment in Paris and the only place I found to store these clothes is under the bed! I have two different ones: one for off-season clothing and another for storing the clothes I’m selling.


Make a decision for the clothes of the last stack

This is the hardest part: deciding what to do with these clothes or shoes. Still having room under the bed, I decided to leave these clothes in well closed bags but very easy to access. For some of them, you can decide to keep them in your closet and you will see their usefulness when you’ll change your wardrobe next season.

Make a shopping list

Once everything is tidy, you will be able to know what pieces are missing to create perfect outfits. You are maybe just needing a black blazer to match with a lot of tops. For my part I needed a few pieces that I have missed for quite some time, like a white shirt, not too well fitted but can be worn under a sweater or under a jacket. I also needed flat black boots that goes with absolutely all my outfits.

Once you make the list, I recommend not to rush on the first pieces that correspond roughly to what you want but to ask questions about the cut, comfort and know if it will really go with all the wardrobe. In addition to these pieces, we must not fall into the trap of buying many other things that we do not need and that do not go at all with what we have selected. But we can very well decide to take some pieces a little more trendy and that fit with our personal style to spice up our looks.

How to create your capsule wardrobe in 7 easy steps