BIG CLOSET DECLUTTER | Cleaning Out & Organizing My Closet for Spring!


If you saw my last vlog on Youtube, you saw that I incorporated all the clothes I didn’t choose for my project 333 into my wardrobe. And it made me feel so anxious! As I said in this video, I remembered why I didn’t choose these clothes and it was because I didn’t feel confident and comfortable in them. I wanted to do a big closet declutter one month before moving into my new apartment but I can’t wait! 

So today I bring you with me for my big closet declutter!

Okay so I finished my project 333 one week ago now and I put all the clothes I put aside during this challenge into my wardrobe this week. It’s at this moment that I realized that all these clothes made me feel anxious, that I didn’t want to see them anymore. Not all of them but most of them. I didn’t think that I would do my big declutter so early before my move. But you know what, I think I really need to do it, I really need a fresh start with my clothes. And it will be great to have time to sell the clothes I don’t want anymore. 

So it’s something that I want to film because decluttering your wardrobe could be overwhelming. Actually I’m a little bit scared today about all the clothes that I have. Because I have clothes in my wardrobe but I also have my summer clothes under my bed and today I want to see everything that I have. 

A little bit of context

To give you a little bit of context, when I moved into this flat, I had a lot of clothes. Like really a lot! And in the past couple of years, I decluttered over time my closet and I sold a lot of clothes. 

At the end of the year, when I heard about project 333, I thought that it would be a great challenge. I was afraid of wearing only 33 pieces for 3 months but it did go well. If you want to know what I kept for 3 months, click here!

It was a great challenge because it made me think about what I really need to wear according to my lifestyle and all the clothes I will not wear anymore. 

And my move will help me to have a fresh start with my closet. 

Big closet declutter

I will begin by putting everything that I have in this bedroom and on my bed specially. I will put my shoes aside. But I also want to get rid of some of them. 

Then I will check every piece that I have and I put them into 3 different categories: 

  • Clothes that I love and that I don’t want to get rid of. 
  • The second one is all the clothes that I want to get rid of. 
  • And the last one is all the clothes that I don’t know what to do about. I had doubts about these clothes and most of the time, I don’t get rid of them. I will keep them and I will see if I will wear them in the future. 

Another thing that I do for this last pile is that I ask myself these questions: 

  • Is it damaged or broken? 
  • Do you use it often?
  • Does it fit? Am I comfortable in it?
  • Does this item bring me joy or positively impact my life? 


BIG CLOSET DECLUTTER | Cleaning Out & Organizing My Closet for Spring!

Okay it’s huge!

So now I have my 3 stacks. 

First of all, I will put “the get rid of” stack into bags and I will deal with it later. Then I will put back clothes I keep into my wardrobe. Because it’s spring and almost summer, I will put my big coat and big sweater in bags under my bed. I can’t have more than 2 seasons into this little closet. 

For the last pile, I will put the clothes inside my closet and I will see if I will wear them in the future. If it’s not the case, I will declutter them later. 

BIG CLOSET DECLUTTER | Cleaning Out & Organizing My Closet for Spring!

Ok so the pile of clothes that I want to sell is huge! But you know I feel so much lighter and less anxious right now because I know that I will get rid of them. 

For these clothes, I will take pictures of all of them and I will put them on Vinted. It’s an online platform to sell and buy second-hand clothes. It’s really effective. Some people think that it’s difficult now to sell clothes because a lot of people try to negotiate for like 1 euro for a thing that is already cheap and I totally understand. But I never had a problem selling clothes so I keep doing it. And sometimes I buy some second hand clothes on this platform too. I only had one problem but it’s the game unfortunately. 

You know, what makes me think a lot is that even in the “keep” pile, there are clothes that I don’t really love but I keep them because I’m comfortable in them. But I don’t feel confident in them. And it makes me sad actually. 

I will try as much as possible to choose clothes that I’m really good in. 

Selling my clothes

Photos are everything on this platform. Try to have the right angle, the good light and to steam your clothes when it’s necessary. When I don’t have all these parameters I realized that people don’t buy my clothes. When I put some effort into steaming my clothes, to take pictures with natural light, people buy. It’s like 5 more minutes but it will change the game!

BIG CLOSET DECLUTTER | Cleaning Out & Organizing My Closet for Spring!

So I finished putting everything on Vinted. I hope I will sell them fast. I will put everything into bags that I will put under my bed. I have a bag for the bottoms, a bag for sweaters and a bag for blouses. It helps me to know where I could find the clothes I just sold.

I’m really glad I did this right now. I love this feeling. I feel lighter, less anxious about my wardrobe. 

I hope this video will help you to declutter your closet. Even if you have a lot of clothes, you will feel so much better after, I swear! 

If you don’t do everything today, try to sort your winter wardrobe or your summer wardrobe. And you will do the other later. 

See you friends!