Hey there, I´m Anna

Hi everyone! I’m Anna and I’m a twenty-something woman. Most of the time, I like to rewatch all the episodes of Castle and read A LOT of personal development books! And I have a cat : Pizza, because I love … Pizza! 

Here’s my story: A year ago, I was really depressed. It was awful. I tried my best to look alright but when I went home I stayed on my couch all evening. And I wasn’t even watching Netflix! I was stuck. I didn’t know what I wanted but I knew what I didn’t want anymore! 

Then I made a decision: it’s not the life that I want and I will do anything to change it. 

Two things have really changed my life : minimalism and knowing myself better. Minimalism has helped me knowing what is important for me. Also it gave me the time and space that I needed to know myself better. By “knowing myself better” I mean my purpose, what I truly want, and what I need to do to have a meaningful life.

After I started feeling better, I talked to my friends about what I was struggling with and I realised that I wasn’t alone. NOT AT ALL. 

Since then, I’ve decided that I wanted to help women who feel the same as I did :  women who are stuck, who don’t know what they really want and who want to regain control of their life.